Installation & National Accounts

WHY DO THE COUNTRY’S LEADING NATIONAL ACCOUNTS RELY ON SIGNATURE SIGN? – Simply put, Signature Sign offers a complete installation service for the national sign manufacturer. Today there are many companies in the country who manufacture signs for national business concerns such as fast food restaurants, automobile sales agencies, retail outlets, and a wide variety of multiple location facilities. These manufacturers rely on local or regional sign companies to install, service, and maintain these signs. The leading national companies have come to rely on Signature Sign for the total one-stop service we offer. From estimate, to permitting, to variance (if required), and site coordination, Signature Sign covers every aspect of the project. Excavation of foundations, cooperation with other site contractors, proper placement of foundations, handling of actual sign installation, to final electrical connection, the national sign forwarding company has only one contact to deal with. These are the reasons Signature Sign is repeatedly called upon to handle both routine and time-sensitive installations of national account signage.

WHAT OTHER SERVICES DOES SIGNATURE SIGN PROVIDE? – Signature Sign will survey locations, determine local ordinance factors and offer you a complete worry-free installation service. With the proven ability to handle in excess of three hundred locations or only one location, you can rely on the accurate and proper completion of each assigned installation.

Surveys – Planning is the key to providing economical and efficient surveys. Many of our clients are responsible for facilities that they have never seen. Our survey gives them an in-depth look at each site, and assists in the decision-making process for new signage. Our sign survey package consists of the following: a) site visit by our professional staff; b) plot plans; c) list of existing signs including dimensions and photographs; and d)building elevations.

Permits/Variances – Signature Sign has a full-time permit department that is experienced in local codes. We will complete the permitting process from start to finish. If variances are required, our professional staff will research, prepare, and attend the hearing.