Service & Maintenance

SERVICE – No matter how carefully electrical signs are constructed; no matter how high the quality of the components used; there will come a time when repair or service is required.

WHY REPAIR YOUR SIGN? – There is no advertising that a business uses that is more important than a sign. It is the very first impression a potential customer receives; it sells your business 24 hours a day. The per exposure cost of sign advertising is the least expensive advertising you will ever purchase. It is vital to the image of your business to keep this tool in excellent repair, because the impression created by the sign’s appearance is a direct reflection of what the potential customer will expect.

WHAT MAKES OUR REPAIR SERVICE DIFFERENT? – Many sign service companies will offer you a lower labor rate, but during the initial call they will report that “We don’t have the needed part on the truck. We’ll be back.” Signature Sign will arrive at your facility with a truck that is completely stocked. There are only a few circumstances that may prevent the completion of your service call in one visit. Signature Sign has the equipment to service up to 55 feet with one man, providing your sign is designed for one man service.

WHY DOES OUR SERVICE WORK COST YOU LESS? – Often our new clients are hesitant, fearing the length of travel from our plant to their business. However, they soon learn that our complete stock of parts, our modern equipment, and the training of our service personnel actually results in a reduction of costs. For our out of town calls, a conservative service charge is added, rather than travel time.

MAINTENANCE – The proper maintenance of your sign, your exterior or interior decorative neon, and your parking lot lights is a planned expense to protect your investment as well as ensure a good image. A half-lit, dirty sign or awning is not the impression you desire to give to the potential customer. In their mind, what they see on the outside is what they will expect to receive in their dealings with your company. The problem for you is that repair costs pop up unexpectedly and can reap havoc with your budget.

WHAT CAN A MAINTENANCE CONTRACT DO FOR YOU? – For a fixed, predetermined monthly amount, you will receive the following services:

  1. A plastic-faced internally-illuminated sign:
    a) Inspect sign for potential problems, clean faces and cabinet inside and out, and replace all fluorescent lamps at the start of the contract period.
    b) Repair any lighting outages as they occur during the life of the contract.
    c) Clean the sign as in a) above and relamp at the beginning of the second year.
  2. Neon channel letters:
    a) Inspect sign, clean faces inside and out, also clean neon and inside of letters at the start of the contract period.
    b) Repair any outages as they occur during the life of the contract.
    c) Clean letters as in a) above at the beginning of the second year.
  3. Parking lot lights:
    a) Clean and inspect all fixtures inside and out at the start of the contract period.
    b) Replace any lamps or ballasts which fail during the contract period.
    c) Clean all fixtures as in a) above at the beginning of the second year.

Contracts are also available for illuminated and non-illuminated awnings, decorative neon tubing, back-lit neon channel letters, and any other type of illuminated sign.

You are able to budget your maintenance and repair costs. A simple phone call ensures that any outages will be promptly repaired at no additional charge. Your signs, neon and area lighting will always be in good repair, protecting not only your investment but also your image as perceived by every potential customer who drives by your place of business.

A phone call to our office will result in a site visit by one of our professional staff. We will survey your site and determine what maintenance needs your business has. A full list of your signs and/or parking lot lights will be produced, along with a no obligation quotation and a full explanation of the terms and conditions of Signature Sign’s maintenance service.