Sign Company Reading PA

Here at Signature Signs we’re committed to excellence and equipped to serve. We’re a full service company; we offer design, installation, and service. We’re able to complete projects, not only in eastern Pennsylvania, but New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and even portions of Virginia. Our goal is to establish a relationship of confidence coupled with high quality and the assurance that your needs will be taken care of professionally and in a timely manner. We will be your Sign Company Reading PA. Sign Service Reading PA: No matter how carefully electrical signs are constructed; no matter how high the quality of the components used; there will come a time when repair or service is required. There are plenty of reasons to fix your sign; your sign advertises your business 24/7. It’s the first thing your potential customers see. If your sign is broken or out of service, that impression is a negative for potential clients. Many companies will offer you a lower labor rate, but end up charging you more because they don’t have the part needed and have to come back. That’s what makes us different – we show up at your facility with a fully stocked truck, guaranteeing that we have the part you need on hand. Sign Manufacturing Reading PA: the first step in any sign manufacturing project is the creation of an image that accurately conveys the identity of your business. Our talented staff can create an image or build on your existing logo. Once your logo is completed, it’s time to move on to Sign Installation Reading PA. We will survey locations, determine local ordinance factors and offer you a complete worry-free installation service. Never worry about getting a permit to install your new sign; we have a full-time permit department that is experienced in local codes. We will complete the permitting process from start to finish. If variances are required, our professional staff will research, prepare, and attend the hearing.

Also, If you are thinking about buying business signs Reading PA, there are several things that you need to consider. Not all signs are created equal. The cheaper ones can easily be damaged and scratched, which can be a big turn off for some potential customers. When choosing signs, keep in mind these tips:

These business signs Reading PA are going to be on the top of the sales counter, and have all of your business information on them. These include the business name, the telephone number, address, and any other important details. Always make sure that you are using information that is current. Customers do not like to have old business information on their business cards, so make sure that you have the correct information on the signs.

Since we’re a full company service here at Signature Signs, we’ll create your sign, install it, and provide service for it. We welcome the opportunity to be your Sign Manufacturer Reading PA, and to create a long term relationship with you. You can rely on us.